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What is Rapidgator?

Rapidgator has been allowing its users to utilize the top and leading file hosting and file sharing service ever since 2010. They have thousands and millions of happy customers that utilize their services every single day in keeping files of that are different in sizes, it may be a back-up of your important files or storing your files in the storage to be able to share those files to your family, friends or co-workers.

Rapidgator’s system servers are strategically placed on central traffic network exchange spots to secure you the most desirable and fastest upload and download speeds. 

Rapidgator is proud to provide all users with the following features:

✔️ Endless and Fast download speeds with 99.99% uptime and they are aiming for a total and complete download speeds
✔️ Unlimited or Infinite file storage all for your essential data
✔️ A user-friendly interface of file manager
✔️ The user-friendly interface of the download manager
✔️ They provided data folder links

Why use Rapidgator?

Rapidgator’s team of skilled and completely committed professionals endeavor each day to present all users and upcoming members to even more reliable and trustworthy service and they constantly hold in mind their core preferences so that you can rely on their services.

These are some of the reason why it is advantageous for you to utilize their service:

ServiceRapidgator aims to continually refine its services for you. Users can be confident that the company’s top priority is customer service and customer satisfaction because your gratification is key to them.
ComplianceThey firmly consider valuing their users’ preferences including the right to privacy, right to safety, right of excellent service, and more. In the same indication, Rapidgator strongly affirms in upholding laws and guarantees that they comply with all statutory requirements.
SecurityThey are recognizing the delicate value of your data and they are making sure to go to extreme measures to have your safety at all times.
TechnologyThey just genuinely love technology. It is at the center of what they do and they continually spend on the most advanced software and hardware to give you the assistance you deserve.
ExcellenceThe company is motivated by superiority. They aim for perfection in everything they do so it reveals the top-notch service they perform.

Rapidgator Premium Account

To serve as many clients as possible, Rapidgator Premium Accounts are proposed with nine separate terms. Of just 14.99 USD, clients can utilize the service for 30 days, with one terabyte bandwidth. However, if you truly need to dispense massive quantities of files in the most effective and cheaper way, you should register and subscribe to the annual selection for only 99.99 USD, where 10 terabytes of data can be saved and 12 terabytes of the bandwidth are made accessible.

As previously discussed earlier, Rapidgator Premium account depends on adaptability in its service presented. The client can also utilize the service to 180, 90 and 60 days with diverse storage capacities and bandwidths. The file size of one terabyte is comparable to 1000 gigabytes, where it would be enough for even the most critical users under standard circumstances. Nonetheless, if this file storage capacity does not suit you or satisfy your usage, you can always subscribe to unrestricted storage sizes that can be employed with Rapidgator accounts for the whole agreement duration of 365 days.

Rapidgator Premium Account: Advantages

✔️ Very huge upload and download speed

✔️ Your files will only be removed after 60 days period

✔️ There are no popups or any advertisement, may it be relevant or irrelevant

✔️ You can even download each file with a maximum of 5 Gigabytes

✔️ There are no more waiting time or limitations

✔️ No CAPTCHAS will be prompted for every download

✔️ Simultaneous downloads are totally fine, no limitations or whatsoever

Rapidgator Premium Account Prices

14.99 USD30 Days*1 TB BandwidthUnlimited** Storage
14.99 USD30 Days*1 TB Bandwidth3 Terabytes Storage
29.99 USD60 Days*2 TB Bandwidth3 Terabytes Storage
39.99 USD90 Days*4 TB BandwidthUnlimited** Storage
39.99 USD90 Days*4 TB Bandwidth3 Terabytes Storage
49.99 USD180 Days*6 TB BandwidthUnlimited** Storage
69.99 USD180 Days*6 TB Bandwidth3 Terabytes Storage
99.99 USD365 Days*12 TB BandwidthUnlimited** Storage
99.99 USD365 Days*12 TB Bandwidth10 Terabytes Storage
* Subscription
** Each file will be eradicated or removed after the 60th day from the last download.

Please always monitor the email you provided after your payment because this is for you to see which amount of description you can foresee in your statement. 

What are the Payment Methods Accepted on Checkout?

Rapidgator is making all effort and hard work to make sure they can cover all payment options.

Rapidgator Payment Methods
  • Visa
  • Webmoney
  • Mastercard
  • Paysafecard
  • Instant bank transfers
  • Direct debiting system

Down below, this is the sample of the local payment methods Rapidgator can cover as well. They make sure all nations can pay through a local payment method of their own. This can also show how trustworthy of their services.

rapidgator payment methods

All payments made with Rapidgator are prepared via an SSL connection and their online remittance provider is completely PCI DDS Level 1 obedient which reassures you that your payment data is protected.

Rapidgator User Interface

Rapidgator presents its individual file manager to enable users to efficiently manage their data. The file manager is in German language and expedites the handling of the uploaded files exceptionally. Each of the users can formulate their personal folders to maintain the tracking and checking of massive volumes of data. Each file is arranged with the name, actual file size, and date of upload. Rapidgator also implements a search function where you can utilize your file and cannot be seen directly, somehow a link checker.

All new users will quickly get adapted to the interface in which the orange brand rules. The interface also maintains the drag and drop function, wherein it can make the usage and management of your files like a piece of cake.

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Rapidgator’s Mobile App

rapidgator mobile app

They are an innovative company that ensures to be updated with the current technology. That is why they genuinely developed something very handy for everyone. In the modern world, more people are using their mobile phones for mostly anything. And as a long time promise for every user, Rapidgator Mobile is just one click away to effectively manage, access and share your files, anytime and anywhere.

The app is free to download and is conveniently available on the Google Play store. Be part of the Rapidgator community and see the difference, experience the difference, as you can always try their free account.

Security for Users

Rapidgator is recognized for its responsibility, any user information is handled strictly classified. Rapidgator promises not to send those details or any data to third parties.

All upload sustains an exclusive link, which is in no rational connection to the data and hence would be challenging to decipher. There are no settings to make all files to be password protected for downloading folders, so anyone who knows the link can obtain the file as frequently as they want. 

Just similar to other file hosting companies, copyright breach, and other illicit files are also a dilemma with Rapidgator. The only difference is that other hosting providers will lock a certain account that violates the law for copyright or has illegal files, on the other hand, Rapidgator prefers to just delete or remove those only affected or illegal files from the account, not delete the whole thing.

System Operation

With a Rapidgator account, the user has a couple of alternatives to distribute files. The most suitable option for small file sizes is to utilize the file manager in the network browser, which depicts the expected waiting time and the volume of data that has been uploaded already in percent. If numerous files and more massive volumes of data are to be uploaded, then users can utilize the upload via the FTP server, this is highly suggested which enables more eminent upload rates.

As shortly as the data are uploaded to Rapidgator, the user will obtain a link to distribute them to numerous individuals as much as they like.

The Best in Customer Support

Still, if every purpose of the free Rapidgator account and the Rapidgator Premium Accounts describe itself because the role menus are given in English and are precisely structured, an English ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section is given on the website.

If a user still has other inquiries, there are two things where the support team can be reached. First, the website provides a contact form where you can input your inquiries or questions and they will respond via email as well. The second would be the telephone support that they can provide. 

As command and a habit, all inquiries are responded promptly and are distinguished by a cheerful enthusiasm to serve. However, they would really appreciate if your inquiries and questions are in full and specific details to avoid longer than expected email dialogue and in order for them to come up with and provide an efficient and effective solution proposal.

Perks of Affiliating with Rapidgator

They offer the most expensive earnings compared to other competitors. Users can always turn to their deductions table for the fees accordingly.

Highest and most reliable comfort for affiliates. They have a quick web, FTB, and remote uploads. Rapidgator generates a detailed analysis of their statistics. All payments are strictly following schedule and sending accurate payments.

They make sure the convenience of each user. They are rendering a  3Mbit per second download speed for free. This is a premium download speed users can trust. Everyone will download data fast, reliable and with satisfaction.

Pay Per Download Mechanics and Requirements

1 – 50 MB3 USD1 USD1 USD0.5 USD
50 – 100 MB5 USD3 USD1 USD0.5 USD
100 – 250 MB7 USD5 USD1.5 USD0.5 USD
250 – 500 MB10 USD6 USD2 USD0.5 USD
500 – 1000 MB20 USD7 USD2.5 USD0.5 USD
> 1000 MB40 USD10 USD3 USD0.5 USD
Note: All fees are always per 1000 downloads

Country Groups Levels

1 – 50 MBBelgium,  Germany, Canada, Spain, France, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Poland, Saudi Arabia, United States
50 – 100 MBAndorra, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Ireland, Finland, Israel, Isle of Man, Japan, Italy, Kuwait, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Russian Federation, Qatar, Singapore, Sweden, South Africa
100 – 250 MBArgentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Greece, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Hong Kong, Hungary, Republic of Korea, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mauritius, Oman, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine
250 – 500 MBThe rest of the countries not included from Group 1 to Group 3

All registered users can be an affiliate of Rapidgator and start profiting with the first file stored. In order to do this, they have a suitable affiliate program with prominent statistics and a manageable reward system.

Receptive Income
They have a firm referral plan. If a user is registered with your referral link, 10% of his earnings will be charged to your statement.

If you own a website, you can begin earning immediately. Just register and verify your website in your affiliate board. Each premium account acquired by users from your website will profit you up to 15% of its value.

For website partners, Rapidgator has these measures:
1-500 of Sales: 5%
501-10000 of Sales: 10%
10001+ of Sales: 15%

Rapidgatory pays weekly with their partners, on Thursdays. For the last week of Monday to Sunday, partners can obtain payments through WebMoney, Virtual Mastercard/Plastic card, Visa/Mastercard, Wire transfer, OKPAY, Paxum, Epayments, and Epese.

Discount Rate (50/50):
There are no limits, affiliates get 50% of the bought premium accounts plus a 50% from recurring account payment.

Customer Reviews on Rapidgator

“It is a great method to store and share your files. Rapidgator is today one of the most dependable file-sharing platforms. Don’t listen to the opposite bad reviews, this is so far the most useful thing with now an app to transfer your files. I tried others but nothing seems to work well as Rapidgator. It is effortless to work on and does its function all the time! Its affiliate program is one of the stablest in the business in the modern world. I have been using Rapidgator for 8 years now and still counting.” – Mike Smith, USA
“Rapidgator is the most competent file host I ever had. I have more than three years of experience and encounter using Rapidgator. And up until now, after all those years, they are still my top choice. They are the best file hosting for making more sales. They have an application that I really and truly liked. It’s DOPE. I’m capable of downloading so many files from RapidGator with no difficulty only and even using the basic upgrade selection. I also have the healthy internet speed to be able to handle the bandwidth.” – Erin Jones, United Kingdom
“Rapigator was simple to install and operates great. This is for Rapidgator mobile application. I required this because my mobile phone wouldn’t connect up to my computer even when utilizing the USB cable. It’s an unimaginable and honest application for supervising Rapidgator downloads and profile. Having a premium account is additionally steady. I remarkably prescribe this platform and mobile app. For their customers’ service and support, I was wrongfully charged once yet everything got corrected in the blink of an eye. The best app to transfer files!“ – S. Hadid, Dubai
“Excellent! I can buy a Rapidgator premium subscription through Google pay as well. It is just the best thing ever. Other file hosting and file sharing websites should imitate their standardized system. Fabulous and best host file in the world. I really recommend it as it is a competent and reliable one.” – Michael Wilson, United Kingdom
“I am particularly inspired by this Rapidgator application! Quite straightforward to use. It’s crucial to me to have the flexibility of management across gadget degrees in my halfway iPhone family unit. It is remarkably easy to use and interact with any significant things to a different phone and I like this application. It’s better than other applications. Anyone can utilize this application and it’s one of the important applications for transferring anything to another phone.” – V. Cruz, USA

About the Rapidgator Company

Rapidgator was established in 2010. It was started in Cyprus where the firm is still headquartered today. Based on the corporation, around hundreds of thousands to million users have been utilizing their service every single day to protectively save and distribute files of any volume with friends and other people.

The company is bound to render download speeds that are unlimited and 99.99% accessibility to its clients. Rapidgator Premium Accounts offer file storage that is unlimited, a reliable download manager and a user-friendly interface of the whole system. 


Rapidgator is the most comprehensive provider with an English user website and holds a huge user population in America and England. The user-friendliness and the speed have set the model for other providers. Rapidgator Premium Accounts are proposed with different terms so that they adjust to each user’s needs.

Even though the services on Rapidgator can also be utilized free of cost, it won’t be the same if you compare it to the advantages of Premium account offers. Due to the complimentary situations to handle customer assistance for 30 days, it is desirable to analyze the setting in particular before more extended running times are conceivable.

Also, the Rapidgator Download manager is truly helpful and offers convenience.


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